A ‘COLLywood Fillums’ production

Come and join others in the tardis and be ‘transported’ to Coll in bygone years. Watch the Mesolithic people walking around Fiskary Bay circa 7000BC, the Vikings arriving circa 1000BC, and the visit of Johnson & Boswell in 1773.

But, mainly, from old and new movie film – combined with some still images – watch Coll over the last hundred years or so and see many changes. For example: the ferries from 1852 to the present day;  the fishing;  the shipwrecks, not forgetting the celebrated Nevada;  the ‘cinemas’, and Coll’s film locations;  the fun of the annual Coll Show (there used to be hammer throwing!);  the annual evacuation to the Tobermory Games;  the golf course;  the shinty;  the flying – on a wing (and a pair), with three of Coll’s five airfields on view;  the hard times, including emigration; Coll’s Dark Skies.

And more, but, as of January 2018, film editing is still a work in progress.

Homecoming Coll Cine Film Night
  • Sunday 16th September 2018

  • 1930h – 2030h

  • An Cridhe, Arinagour

  • Donations to Homecoming Coll welcome