The late Betty MacDougall left a lifetime’s work as a legacy for the people of Coll. Her records include births (1776 to 1962), marriages (1776 to 1993), deaths (1855 to 1993), Census Records and Kirk Session Records. During the week of Homecoming Coll, you will be able to look at Betty’s records and local people, including Betty’s Grandson Keith, will be available to help you with your investigations in to your Coll ancestors.

If you would like to speed this process along, please complete the online form below by July 31st 2018.

When you register at Homecoming on Saturday 15th September 2018, you will be given a time to visit the Betty MacDougall information stand to see her records and find out about your Coll family. If you are arriving on Coll after the 15th, this appointment can be arranged by email. The information stand will also be open at specific times for general enquiries and interest.